1. 'PQ' Project Overview

    I'm working with the kids to have a web-based system for who is allowed in the bathroom next. Hence 'PQ', the queue for a pee. The plan is to have a simple idea to work on a web project and try out some new tools in the process.

    The ...

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  2. Moving Google Drive Photos to Google Photos

    I back up the family's several years of digital photos and videos to Google Drive. This strategy worked quite well when I also had Piccasa available to manage the photos. Google Photos was simply the publishing mechanism for the selected highlights.

    Google has taken away Piccasa, so I now ...

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  3. Getting Results File out of Codenvy

    I have something of a crush on Codenvy, the on-demand in-your-browser development environment. The main wrinkle I've encountered with Codenvy is that it is not easy to get a files out their hosted Docker environment.

    I have a small batch process I have coded up. It is easy enough ...

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  4. Specifying Webpage Language

    Keeping on top of web standards seems to be just about impossible for a single human being. Nonetheless good to try. This simple one had passed me by: how to specify the language of the page as an attribute of the html tag. W3 Schools explains.

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