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  1. GitHub Pages Redirecting Plain Hostname to WWW

    I set this site up on GitHub pages and the address http://www.davepotts.software was working just fine. The other day I noticed that if you tried to load the site without the "www." you ended up at a domain parking page of my DNS provider.

    The fix so ...

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  2. YouTube is the New Ticker Tape

    I've been working with the kids on an experiment to try to show whether "pumping" has any measurable effect on skateboarding down a ramp. The set up reminded me of the old ticker tape experiments we used to do at school. This being the 21st century we've upgraded ...

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  3. Google Optimize Gotchas

    I've been experimenting with Google Optimize and have tripped up a couple of times. First I made the assumption that Google Tag Manager would be the best way to implement the experiments. Second I didn't appreciate the linkages needed through to Google Analytics required to make Optimize work ...

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  4. My First Chrome Extension

    In order to learn how to write chrome extensions I wanted to write an extension that would display the title from the current page in a popup like this:

    Screenshot of Chrome Extension

    The first thing to work out about Chrome extensions is the context within which they run. There are two cases. First ...

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